Oral Stimulators and Tools

When selecting products for Oral Stimulator and Tools, please note that ALL Products on this website have been tested and are free from: BP and Phathalate free material, coloring, and flavor.Completely FDA approved materials and colors. Dishwasher safe. Majority of our products are also Excellent Jaw Rehabilitation for Stroke Victims or head injuries. Always Check with Your Therapist if you have a Question about the usage or appropriateness of a product for your child, client or student. All of the products sold through SensoryCraver.com are Used by Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapists. NOTE: Do NOT ever allow your child, client, student to Chew Aquarium Tubing because it is cheaper. The chemicals in aquarium tubing and other toys that may appear to be durable or easy enough for biting, chewing, aggressive chewing - are Not made for Human Consumption, Human Licking or Ingestion. Please ONLY Purchase Safe Products as Listed on this site that have been tested and FDA Approved.

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