product designs are world-quality - in appearance, quality,and..

Monday 26 April, 2010

Lisa's top attribute is missing from the list - Empathy. Lisa cares about her clients, and how they feel about her products. With sensory differences, the product must pass the instant acceptance test, as well as long-term comfort test - both must be present for the product to be used, and thus be effective. But, in addition, Lisa cares about social appearance - whether the piece looks out of place and unusual or if it blends into accepted societal norms. Not only is Lisa a top-notch designer, she is also innovative, creative, passionate, compassionate, understanding, and accepting. But empathy is not enough. Lisa is an excellent business woman - making sure her business is both profitable (money-wise) and profitable (useful). She understands that sustainability is as important as meeting the needs of a few people. Only through sustainability can she meet the needs of as many people as possible - which is her goal. Lisa is very personable as well as very professional. She is that rare combination of a person who passionately believes in helping others as well as a person who enthusiastically creates, operates, and expands a business. Her product designs are world-quality - in appearance, quality, usability, and effectiveness. Her commitment to those with sensory issues is unsurpassed. Lisa pours her very soul into her work, and into those in the community who need her products.
Testimonial By: David T — Fort Wayne, Indiana — Parent

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