We got the blanket on Saturday.

Tuesday 01 July, 2008

We got the blanket on Saturday. Thank you! We came home from Andy's birthday party and it was waiting on the porch for us. Talk about perfect timing; he was all wound up from the party and cake. I got it out of the box and he immediately crawled under it. He calls it his "turtle blanket"...he feels like a turtle under it. ; ) And today, all wound up from gymnastics and a run to the grocery store, he went up and crawled under it again. Not noticing more sleep yet, but it was a big weekend, with his birthday, grandparents visiting, and Easter. Oy, the sugar! LOL But he loves the blanket and certainly feels safe under it. He gets under it when he knows he's wound up. Ten minutes or so and he's much better. Thank you so much! I think this is going to help! Oh, and BTW, the quality is amazing. I love it! Jen
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