Self Esteem!!

Sunday 19 October, 2008

A Child with Asperger's was asked if he needed a break from his vest. He smiled and said, "no Ms. Holly look at all this work I've done. I can concentrate!" The second student was language impaired. He was rubbing the side of his denim vest. I asked him how he was doing and he said, "I picked just the right vest for him." He loved the fabric. I asked how his day was going. He told me, "that he feels like he could read forever". I asked him to explain and he said that he is now able to remember what he is reading and that it had always been difficult for him. He actually wants to do a book report! This is huge because he was smiling and excited about being at school - a far cry from the beginning of school where he had been expelled from public school for getting into trouble. Your Weighted Vests have been such a great benefit for our students. Thank you Lisa and Bob. Holly and Russ
Testimonial By: Holly — Melborne, FL — Private school

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