Weighted Blanket :)

Monday 30 June, 2008

We just had to write and let you know that when we came into your store and picked up the weighted blanket for our nephew we let our son hold onto it while we drove it to his house. Normally in a car ride we have to remind him to settle down, quit kicking the seat, quit doing this or that and when we arrived at my sisters we realized that we had not said a word to him. When we turned around to say we're here we found him sitting there with this huge smile on his face. We asked what are you smiling about? He said I feel awesome!!!! He didn't want to give it up so we bought him a weighted blanket and he uses it every night and during the day if he gets really upset or anxious he will bury under it and then he calms right down! OH he was watching TV one day and had his stuffed animals on each side of him with the weighted blanket laying over both animals with him in the middle. All of a sudden he yelled out and said that his weighted blanket was broken and we had to take it back. Come to find out the blanket was not touching him but was on each of his stuffed animals. As soon as we moved the blanket onto him the blanket was all fixed and he was good to go again!!!! Thank you We love you guys and your products! Amy and family
Testimonial By: Amy W — Fort Wayne, Indiana — Parent

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