Elizabeth will not take off her vest at all!!!!

Tuesday 22 July, 2008

Elizabeth will not take off her vest at all!!!! She got mad when I asked her to take it off for bed. She says " it feels like a massage" . Last friday she had a friend spend the night. She didn't even notice it which is nice. Elizabeth laid on the floor and played with her friend for 2 hours!!!! Normally she is so excited that she pulls the entire house out and flirts between every activity. She never just sits and plays when there is company. Tonight she sat and read an entire book to her little brother and was no distracted by the fact that he was up and down. I can't wait to try it at school but I want to wait until they are down with her testing. I am afraid that it will mask her problems ans will not get any extra help.

I want to thank you for all your help,
The Bells
Testimonial By: The Bells

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