Wednesday 27 August, 2008

I Have a four year old autistic boy with Sensory Integration Dysfunction. He had serious problems with hyperactivity and aggression/defiance. We discussed serious medications with his doctor but had reservations about the risks in a 4 year old. We got a new OT who recommended a weighted vest. We tried a few different kinds, however, the Sensory critters weighted hoodie was the BEST! Because it looked like 'regular clothes' and his friends liked it, he put it on without hesitation. He relaxed within seconds, and he looked at me and SAID (he rarely speaks) "Mommy, I'm comfy." He wears it regularly and he is more compliant, he listens so much better, he participates willingly in his ST and OT. Most of his stimming behaviors stopped. Because he is able to pay attention now, he is now performing tasks above his age level and we do not have to start any medications! The doctor was amazed, she asked "is this the same kid?" He is now wearing it at school to help him with his social phobias and attention to task, and none of the kids even noticed he has it on!. THANK YOU SENSORY CRITTERS!!!!!

Jennie R EMTS Tx
Testimonial By: Jennie R — EMTS, Tx

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