Weighted Products

Weighted products are used for several reasons with children who do not properly process sensory stimuli/input. The 3 main reasons are: 1. to improve body awareness 2. to calm and improve attention and focus 3. to decrease sensory seeking behaviors For many children and families, weighted blankets are "life-saving" devices. With weighted vests, blankets, neck wraps, and lap pads, a child who... ...self abuses, may stop. ...can't fall asleep without excessive help, or stay asleep, may FINALLY get the proper rest. ...can not stand or sit still long enough to learn or complete a task, will. ...is constantly touching other people and/or breaking things, may stop. ...exhibits acting out, fearful, or aggressive behaviors when certain sensory stimuli is presented, may not. ...is distracted and unorganized, may become focused. ...throws tantrums when in loud, busy, public places, may become calm. ...can not successfully transition from one activity to another without distress, may finally be able to......
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